What is Tornado?

"Tornado" From Spectrum Holobyte

Screaming across the sizzling Iraqi desert at Mach-2 plus, the Tornado, one of the Allies' most potent multi role fighter jet, shoots out to its designated target. With a 20,000 pound payload and enough firepower to wipe out a small army, the feared two-seater convincingly completes yet another successful mission. Now, it's back home for a spot of tea, and prep for the next day's sortie....

Digital Integration's Tornado(tm) is the most significant flight simulation to come from Spectrum Holobyte since Falcon 3.0 blew away the competition. Scheduled for a June release, Tornado offers an unprecedented combination of speed, 3-D graphics and depth of play. Like Falcon 3.0, Tornado pushes the technological envelope to it's furthest edge.

Tornado, based on the celebrated British Aerospace two-seater fighter jet, lets you fly over three European-style combat areas with hundreds of thousands of objects-buildings, roads, power lines, trees, and much more. From tanks to TV towers to rivers and railways, Tornado features ultra realistic 3-D world terrain rivaling the military's own top-secret simulators. And Tornado offers up to 30,000 square miles of all-out action.

Featuring the most sophisticated mission planning system ever seen in any flight sim, Tornado lets you set your autopilot parameters, check your waypoint flight times, fuel consumption, altitude, airspeed with the most fighter jet avionics ever created. Digital Integration worked closely with British Aerospace and RAF pilots to attain such a high level of detail.

Corner your enemy in a high-speed synchronized attack with up to five other Tornados in formation. Achieve maximum punch when you combine blinding speed and a multi-directional attack formation to cripple your target's defenses. Use your Desert Storm-tested laser-guided "smart" bombs to knock out enemy hangars and SAM sites. Cluster bombs and dispensers buckle heavily defended enemy airstrips. Plus, a state-of-the-art infrared camera lets you gain an owl's-eye view of your target in the dead of night. Add a healthy supply of Sidewinder, Sky Flash, and Alarm missiles and the latest in air-to-air and air-to-ground radar and you're talking total air superiority.

Digital Integration's Tornado requires an IBM 16MHz 80386sx compatible or faster with at least 640k RAM, a hard drive, DOS 5.0, VGA monitor and a mouse. A joystick is optional. Ad Lib, Sound Blaster and Roland sound cards are supported.

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Tornado is a combat flight simulator computer game by Digital Integration modeling the Panavia Tornado and released in 1993 for DOS and Amiga.


The game simulates both the fighter (ADV) and strike (IDS) versions of the Tornado, excelling in the latter.



It is regarded by many as the BEST serious, DOS Military Flight Simulator of the 1990s, and as having set the benchmark for mission planners in later flight simulators.


In these days of 2016, for flyable Tornados, you have Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX with Just Flight's GR1 Tornado add-on, as well as Falcon BMS 4.33's flayable Tornado. Both sims are, visually, miles above Tornado and provide excellent, modern gameplay to the modern flight simmer.



The beauty of DI's Tornado is that 23 years later, graphics aside, IMHO, it still is a complete game in terms of gameplay and dynamic campaign. And you need not install Gigabytes worth of installation files - just a mere 20 megabytes of installer files! Oh and did I mention that in the days of DOS, you didn't need to wait for minutes before the game launched. Tornado takes seconds to launch with DosBox.


Why this game deserves a revival of sorts is best explained by this 2001 post:-



"Download 'Tornado', made by Digital Integration, from some abandonware site. Run it in DosBox 0.65. Probably the best jet-flightsim ever made. And yes, I know F4, including the realism patches, SPs, Red Viper, Allied Force, etc.


What "Tornado" accomplished was to actually have a really WORKING dynamic campaign, that actually made SENSE. Not some chaotic shit like in Falcon4, generating suicide missions half the time. In campaign mode, you were the one to make the ATO for your squadron of Tornados, including F3s. You decided if you first go after the SAMs, or if you rather take out the enemy airfields to get rid of the MiGs first, all the time cautiously planning the TOT of your different flights for the mission, so that it would all come together nicely. "Concentration in time, separation in space".


Monitoring weather conditions which had influence on enemy air defense readiness, checking EWR floor height to find out which alt you gota fly to stay below EW Radar detection which would send MiGs up your tail, deploying the bombs via TIALD laser designation system, Lay-Down, or LOFT profile, ALARMS in direct or indirect mode.



Have your autopilot fly 95% of the mission which you have carefully planned to the minute detail beforehand, set "ride height" 200 feet, only disengage for the target run, but be carefull of sudden terrain altitude changes which the AP might not be capable to deal with when wings are fully swept back into supersonic position, monitor your RWR for enemy rdr sites or bandits which might force you to disengage the AP and breakturn at 100 feet AGL *without* NVGs, and watch those AAA tracers streaking into your flightpath.



The only sim which ever came close to this completeness was EF-2000 by DiD, but this one lacked in realism and detail compared to Tornado. Hell, even if you achieved the goal of your (self-planned) mission in Tornado, you still had to land the bird. Too high a sinkrate, your a/c will be up for maintenance or might be a write-off. Very unforgiving, you couldn't just splash it down like in most flightsim these days. Especially fun when you got hit by (great looking AAA enroute, and your wings got stuck in fully backwards swept position for supersonic speeds.


Awesome sim. In fact, clearly the best Jet-Sim ever, imho. If you've ever rode the Tornado in total darkness from the backseater office enroute your planned target, monitoring your TOT ("8 late", or "15 early"), watching the TFR readout of those upcoming hills, and then suddenly have your RWR lighting up like a Christmas tree with all kinds of enemy transmissions, then you will realize that Falcon 4 in fact is a game made for girls."





So this is the reason this website exists. To preserve the memories of the BEST DOS flight simulator ever developed for the PC.