Vers 0.02
(c) 1995 Heinz-Bernd Eggenstein

This patch requires TPATCHER.EXE Vers 1.0 or higher


What's this all about?
Many users of Tornado versions 1.0c - 1.0e have reported problems when 
using a Soundblaster SB 16 sound card. Frequently, the computer locks up
after firing the cannon. The only known cure so known until now was to 
switch to the ADLIB driver on the PREFERENCES Screen, but this resulted 
in slightly less realistic sounds.

This is a beta test patch to correct the problem. It should work with the 
following versions of Tornado:

European (DI) versions 1.0c, 1.0d, 10.e

American Versions 1.0c, 1.0d

And American Versions 1.0d patched with the European 1.0e patch.

It will not work with the Trimark Interactive 1.0e Edition of Tornado.
The reason for this is that in the Trimark release, Soundblaster support 
was intentionally disabled internally (probably because of the SB16 problems).



1) copy all the files in the distribution archive of this patch to the main 
Tornado directory. Of course, you have to run TDO from a hard disk because 
otherwise it's difficult to patch files on a CD-ROM :)

2) make backup copies of all *.exe in the FLIGHT subdirectory. Remember, this 
is just a beta test version

3) Run t_cannon.bat. This calls the T_PATCHER.EXE program that performs the 
patch. The program will look into every file flight\ *.exe for cannon sounds. 
If one is found, you can choose whether to install the original or one of 
two patched sound. Using this menu, you will be able to undo the patch 
by re-installing the original sound.

4) Keep your fingers crossed

5) Run Tornado and select SoundBlaster sound effects in the Preferences 

6) if you get the "sound card not found" message, disable the turbo switch 
   after clicking on "Take off", then wait for a "click" and after that, 
   re-enable the turbo switch

7) Use the cannon!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck!!

The new cannon sound is quite ugly. If this should work to eliminate the 
lock-up problem, better cannon sounds could be used. I'm working on this 
and would like to hear users' feedback on this.

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incidental, emotional or consequential damages with respect to this software 
and manual. The author makes no warranties, either express or implied, with 
respect to this software and the manual, and expressly disclaims all implied
warranties, including without limitation, the warranty of merchantability, 
political correctness and of fitness for a particular purpose.

I strongly recommend to make a backup of the files FLIGHT\*.exe before
installing this patch.

Please send any commentaries, especially if this patch should NOT work for 
you, to

Heinz-Bernd Eggenstein, CIS:100430,1446
Internet: 100430.1446@compuserve.com

Any feedback on this patch is welcome!