Tornado Time Compression TSR                            October 3, 1993
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TTC is a simple TSR that allows time compression during Tornado missions.
Time compression makes events happen faster, and is normally used to
quickly skip "less interesting" parts of a mission. In Tornado, the
outcome of a mission might not always be successful. The mission must
be aborted and repeated unless you want your favorite "pilot" to be
forever KIA. If nothing else is changed a repeated mission will closely
resemble the original. Often this implies a lot of waiting (in real-time)
while the auto-pilot goes from turn-point to turn-point. YOU know that
until way-point so-and-so is reached nothing interesting will happen.
And you will go and make a cup of cofee. But after several retries you
sort of get fed up with making cofee, and you don't really have anything
else (short-term) to do. It gets a bit boring (and timeconsuming) to
wait for the action (sorry DI). TTC will reduce the waiting time by a
factor 2-8.

Another feature of TTC is time-limited compression. As TTC is not an
integral part of Tornado (in fact it knows nothing about Tornado :-)
it cannot switch itself off when something happens. To partly remedy
this I have included the possibility to turn on compression for a
given time interval from 10 to 80 seconds. This time is "Tornado time".
Say you have a TTG of 1:20 (80 seconds) and you want to compress until
TTG 0:20. Then you simply select 60 seconds of compression REGARDLESS
of the compression factor. Hence the compressor always runs in
"Tornado time". You can even change the compression factor during
timed compression.

Here is how it is done. Before launching tornado you start TTC. It
will give you some extra keyboard controls to speed up things. The
time compression keys are:

      Alt+1 to Alt+8

Alt+1 turns off time compression while Alt+2 to Alt+8 gives compression
factors of 2 to 8. The compressor remains active until you turn it off
or until is it turned off automatically by a time-limit (see below).
The time-limited compression keys are:

      Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+8

They temporarily activate compression for from 10 (Ctrl+1) to
80 (Ctrl+8) seconds. If compression is already active it will be
limited to the given time interval. If no compression is active TTC
will use the compression factor most recently used (or 4 if you never
activated the compressor). During the compression interval you can
change the factor with the Alt keys or reset a time period with the
Ctrl keys.

You can turn off compression ANY TIME by simply pressing and releasing
the Alt or Ctrl key (or pressing Alt+1). This is quite handy if
something unexpected happens.


    TTC.TXT     This file
    TTC.EXE     The TTC TSR


    TTC         To activate
    TTC /?      To get summary


TTC was developed for my own use. Its written partly in C and is VERY
simple. I just wanted time compression with as little effort as
possible (less than one (Sun)day). So of course TTC has some
limitations and shortcomings:

o  TTC will not remove itself and will remain active after exiting
   Tornado. Reboot your machine after playing Tornado.

o  Some people might want to play Tornado in compressed mode. It can
   be a pain that simply touching Alt or Ctrl turns off compression
   mode. It should be selectable via an option.

o  TTC takes up around 1.4K. The code actually only uses half of that,
   but I have spent enough time shuffling those #@%&* segments around.
   TTC should be rewritten purely in assembler.

o  TTC does not know about Tornado. Hence it will activate itself when
   you press the proper keys. To be on the safe side I suggest that
   you keep time compression turned off when not in the actual flight
   mode (ie. turn off compression when in the mission planner).

o  I have only used TTC with my 386 33MHz and 486 33MHz machines,
   PAS16 soundcard and normal joystick running Tornado 1.0B (European
   version). I cannot guarantee proper operation on other configurations
   (but see DISCLAIMER).

I have used TTC for some time now (through both level 1, level 2 and
campaigns) and have not experienced any problems other than those
mentioned above. It should be noted, though, that time compression
leaves less time-per-frame for Tornado. Hence calculations are less
precise. In normal situations that has little consequence. But try
doing an auto-pilot landing with compression factor 8 :-) Also Tornado
will have less time for enemy tactics, so don't overdo it.

In my personal opinion time compression should be used for predictable
and/or less interesting parts only. Otherwise it may destroy the atmosphere
of the game.

This document describes TTC version 1.0 (of course) of October 3, 1993.
I would appreciate comments (negative as well as positive) and
suggestions. Currently I have no plans for other versions, but one
never knows ;)

TTC does not in any way modify Tornado files or running executables.
It does not use any patching. All it does is present a slightly
different environment to Tornado via interrupt vector hooks. To my
knowledge it should not create any operational problems with Tornado.
If you DO find Tornado to behave differently when using TTC please
let me know. And stop using TTC. I do not take responsibility for any
problems created by using TTC (lost or modified files, missions etc.).
All I intend is to make Tornado even more playable :-) 

                                                    Have fun
                                             Kenneth "ICEMAN" Larsen