0) Installing TSRT
Copy all files of the distribution archive to the Tornado
main directory (the directory with the flight subdirectory).
If you are running TDO off a CD-ROM, copy the file
PILOTPAN.BT2 (in the flight subdirectory) from the CD to
the FLIGHT subdirectory of the mirror directory structure
on the hard-disk.

1) How to prepare a digitized photo

You need a scanner and a photo print (or a photo that is
already in a digitized format (e.g. a photo on a Kodak
Photo-CD) as raw material. You also have to use a bitmap
processing program (e.g. Paintshop Pro (Shareware)) to
prepare a photo.

First you should cut an appropriate section from the photo
you want to put on Tornado's dashboard. Best suited are
portraits showing the person's head only: Tornado's dashboard
area is very small and the graphic resolution is not very
fine grained, so you will not be able to distinguish
different people on a big family reunion photo.

The first step of the image processing should be to convert
the photo in a black and white photo, converting the image
to a grey scale image.

Tornado uses a video mode that fills the monitor screen
with an image consisting of 320 x 200 pixels. Because VGA
monitors have an aspect ratio (the quotient width / height)
of 4:3, this means that each pixel in this video mode is
slightly higher than it is wide.

However, scanned or digitized photos usually use square
pixels, as used by the most widespread video modes for
MS Windows (640 x 480, 800 x 600 etc.).

To compensate for the non-square pixels in the TORNADO
cockpit, you first have to stretch the photo HORIZONTALLY
by a factor of 1.2.

Then you should resample (resize) the photo so that it's height
is about 43 pixels (the height of the TDO dashboard), and
it's width is chosen to maintain the photo's aspect ratio
(*after* the horizontal enlargement). The width should not exceed
60 pixels.

Finally save the icon-sized resulting bitmap as a BMP
(uncompressed) file.

Then start the program TSRT with the file's name as parameter.

You can use the batch file TSRT_REV.BAT to reverse the
effect of the program.

2) Pre-canned dashboard stickers
For those TDO pilots who are not married, a photo of Claudia
Schiffer is included as a dashboard sticker.

For those who keep forgetting how many children they have,
there's a memo sticker included which can easily be edited
(e.g. with the Paintbrush program that is included in Windows).

For kids, there's a Garfield sticker in the file garfld.bmp

Have fun,

Heinz-Bernd Eggenstein

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