TORNADO Ordnance Management Tools
	V. 1.00
	(c) 1995 Heinz-Bernd Eggenstein

1) What's this all about?
TORNADO by DI is supposed to simulate a limited supply of ordnance from
which you have to take configure your Tornados. However, this feature does
not work correctly, making it impossible to run out of ordnance in even the
most costly and long campaign.

But there's nothing that can keep us Tornadoholics to simulate a limited
supply of weaponry independently. This can be tedious if you do it all by
pencil and paper, e.g. counting all the different bombs and missiles loaded
to the up to 8 Tornados in a mission can be a pain.

To assist in this task, I wrote a program ORDNANCE.EXE and a simple Excel 3.0
spreadsheet ORDNANCE.XLS that will help you automate this process a bit.
(There's also an identical spreadsheet file ORDNANCE.wk1 in Lotus-1-2-3 file)

2) Installation
Copy all the files in the distribution archive to the main Tornado directory
of your harddisk (the directory with the DATAXCHG subdirectory). That's it.

This program is supposed to give you the number of weapons fired/dropped
during the last mission that was flown in Tornado. If you are flying a
campaign and would like to get the exact ordnance count after having flown
a mission, leave TORNADO. Don't fly another mission because that will
overwrite the data. You always get the ordnance count for the last mission
flown, including simulator missions. Also DO NOT USE the Explore feature of
the mission planner after flying a mission because this will overwrite the
data in question as well.

After leaving Tornado, make sure your working directory is the main Tornado
directory. Executing ORDNANCE.EXE will then produce a list of the number
of weapon items consumed in the mission. IIt will also compute the number of
IDS and ADV Tornados lost during the mission. You can redirect the output to
a file using the redirection command ">", e.g.

 ORDNANCE > ord_m1.rep

3.1) The file COST.ORD
ORDNANCE.EXE will also compute the total cost of the munitions consumed in
this mission. This computation is based on an estimation of the price tags of
the different munitions stored in the file cost.ord (in US dollars).

3.2) Limitations
The current version has the following limitations:

a) fuel consumption is not taken into account
b) the program assumes that all computer controlled Tornado drones
   drop/fire all their munitions during the mission, so that all payload is
   "delivered". This includes a load of 2 Sidewinders per IDS and 4 AIM-9
   Sidewinders plus 4 Skyflash missiles per ADV Tornado. In contrast to
   this, stores that the human pilot returns to the airfield are not
   included in the count of used munitions.
c) The loss of ECM/countermeasure pots and drop tanks is not accounted for

This is a simple but hopefully useful Excel 3.0 spreadsheet that might help
you to do the boring calculations included and will allow you to keep track
of mission costs during an ongoing campaign. See the comments at the bottom
of the spreadsheet document for further information.

5) License terms/disclaimer

--------------LICENSE AGREEMENT---------------------------------------------
You are allowed to make as many copies of this package as you like and
give them to others, provided:

a) the copies are complete and unaltered.

b) those copies are given to others free of charge or charging only a
   reasonable copy fee. Commercial use of this software is explicitly
   forbidden unless authorized by the author.

If you have already registered one of the "Donationware" products by the same
author (e.g. TMF, TLE, SHOWPT2) or if you are a registered TCSC user, then
ORDNANCE is Freeware for you,


you can use ORDNANCE free for a test period of 30 days. If you want to use it
after this perid, YOU'LL HAVE TO PAY!

No, don't send any money to the author (well, if you absolutely insist ;-)
), instead make a donation to an organization (Red Cross, 'Doctors without
Borders', UNHCR, UNICEF, ...) that helps countries that are devastated by
war like Bosnia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Angola, .... .

Your donation should be

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In no event shall the author be liable for any direct, indirect, special,
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and manual. The author makes no warranties, either express or implied, with 
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