(c) 1995 Heinz-Bernd Eggenstein, Basil Copeland, Eric Joiner


!!  This patch requires the generic Tornado patching program    !!
!!  TPATCHER.EXE                                                !!



Tornado Morale Patch is an unofficial patch, not supported by DI, for
versions 1.0 - 1.0e of Tornado.
It corrects a bug in the way Tornado evaluates the success of missions.
Because of this bug, TORNADO will not calculate the impact on morale
correctly that the destruction of certain targets should have.

An additional "hard gameplay" option allows the user to modify the Tornado
code in a way that will make it more difficult to win a campaign in the
European warzones of Tornado.

For campaign play in the Desert Storm Scenario, you should apply the Desert
Storm morale patch option. 

But note that if you want to perform a campaign in the European Warzones 1-3, 
you will have to switch back to either the fixed morale table or the 
"hard gameplay" option.

1) How to install the patch
Just copy all the files in the distribution archive to the Tornado directory
(the directory with the AMP, FLIGHT and LOG subdirectories). Make sure the 
generic Tornado patching program TPATCHER.EXE is in the same directory.




2) How to execute the patch
Run tmoralep.bat and follow the instructions on the screen. TMORALEP.BAT will
tell you the status of your AMP.EXE file. There are three posibilities:

a) AMP.EXE is the original file as distributed by DI, with a slightly flawed
   table in it
b) AMP.EXE contains the corrected table
c) AMP.EXE contains the "Hard Gameplay" patch.
d) AMP.EXE contains the ODS morale patch

You can then select which patch you want to apply.

3) How to reverse the patch
If you want to reverse the patch, just copy your backup copy of AMP.EXE
to the AMP subdirectory, overwriting the patched version. You can also
reverse the patch by running tmoralep and selecting the option that will
write the original table to AMP.EXE

You SHOULD always reverse the patch before applying an official patch by DI.
If you the official patch updates Tornado to one of the versions 1.0-1.0e,
you should then apply the morale patch again.

4) Switching between European and Desert Storm Warzones
When fighting a campaign (level 1,2 or command campaign) you should always
have a patch installed for the appropriate Warzone. This means that if you
are fighting a Euro-Campaign and then want to go to an ODS campaign (or vice
versa), you should first apply the correct patch for the new warzone.

To make this easier, this package comes with 4 batch files:

ORIG_TAB.BAT : Make sure the original (flawed) table is installed

FIXD_TAB.BAT : Make sure the fixed table is installed

HARD_TAB.BAT : Make sure the "hard gameplay table" is used

ODS_TAB.BAT  : Make sure the ODS morale table is active

You can execute one of these batch files before starting Tornado, or you can
include them in your own batch files, e.g. you could write one batch file
to start up Tornado for European Warzone campaigning and one for ODS

5) License terms
This patch is NOT Shareware, Freeware or Public Domain software. Only
registered users of Tornado Staff and Command College (TCSC) are allowed to
use it. This patch may not be copied or uploaded to a BBS/online service
without the consent of its authors.


In no event shall the author be liable for any direct, indirect, special,
incidental, emotional or consequential damages with respect to this software
and manual. The author makes no warranties, either express or implied, with
respect to this software and the manual, and expressly disclaims all implied
warranties, including without limitation, the warranty of merchantability,
political correctness and of fitness for a particular purpose.