Tornado Keyboard Mapper  (TKM) (Donation-Ware ; see below)
Ver 2.1, 28-May-95

written for TORNADO 1.0 - 1.0e 

(c) Heinz-Bernd Eggenstein
CompuServe: 100430,1446
internet: eggenste@chomsky.informatik.uni-dortmund.de
Has this ever happened to you? Flying at 200 ft in the middle of a complex 
mission and under the threat of being attacked every second, you want to take 
a quick glance at your radar screen. You switch it on, look at the screen and 
then, with your eyes still on your monitor, you want to press CTRL-R to 
switch the radar off again. Instead, you miss by a few millimeters and hit 

The screen darkens. You have just ejected by mistake! 

Well, it happened several times to me.

TKM was written to avoid this problem by changing the ejection seat trigger
to a 'safer' keyboard command.

TKM is NOT a patching program! None of the TORNADO files is supposed to 
be modified by TKM (but see disclaimer below).

There are four versions of TKM, differing in the ability to operate together 
with the popular TTC (TORNADO TIME COMPRESSION) TSR by Kenneth Larsen and 
in the keyboard commands assigned to various cockpit functions.

To use it, just start the program corresponding to the version of TKM you 
want to use before you run TORNADO. If you use TTC, load TTC first and 
then either TKM_WTTC or TKM_DSWT.

TKM.COM and TKM_WTTC.COM were designed to be simple and "as small as 
possible". They only remap the ejection and ECM keys. TKM_WTTC.COM is 
compatible with TTC, TKM.COM is for use without TTC.

TKM_DS.COM and TKM_DSWT.COM are 'de luxe' versions :-). They use  
a 'cooler' ejection trigger (both shift keys), and they also remap the 
frequently used weapons package management and countermeasure keys 
(K,L,C and F), that are less easy to find on the keyboard when 
typing blindly in the midth of combat than the new keys assigned by TKM_DS 
and TKM_DSWT. (These programs use a table to remap the keyboard layout, so 
they could be rewritten or patched to do other keyboard layout permutations. 
Registered users (see below) can obtain the source code of TKM by e-mail 
(see address given above). You will need Borland C 3.1 or higher to compile 

The features of the different versions of TKM are summarized in the 
following table: (keys in brackets [] are on the num. keypad!)

--------quick reference card for TKM---
	   |TKM.COM    |TKM_DS.COM  |
ejection   | CTRL +    | left SHIFT+| 
seat       |  SCR-LOCK | right SHIFT| 
select     | K         | F12        |
 package   |           |            |             
delivery   | L         | F11        | 
 mode      |           |            |             
kneepad    | NUM-LOCK  | `/~ *)     |
view       |           |            |
drop       | F         | [INS]      |
flares     |           |            |
drop       | C         | [DEL]      | 
chaff      |           |            |             
roll left  | [CURSOR   | C          | \
	   |  -LEFT]   |            |  |only active if you select keyboard
------------------------------------|  |as input device
roll right | [CURSOR   | F          | /
	   | -RIGHT]   |            | 
yaw left = | [INS]     | [CURSOR-   | \
rudder left|           |  LEFT]     |  |only active if you don't select
------------------------------------|  |the 2 joysticks configuration
yaw right =| [DEL]     | [CURSOR-   | /
rudder r.  |           |  RIGHT]    |             

TKM_WTTC.COM: same as TKM.COM, but TTC compatible
TKM_DSWT.COM: same as TKM_DS.COM, but TTC compatible

*) the left neighbor of the "1" key. On non-anglo-american keyboards, 
   other symbols might be printed on it, eg. on german keyboards, this is 
   the ^/ΓΈ key.

Note: TKM_DS and TKM_DSWT use the same key strokes to drop flares/chaff 
      as the popular FALCON sim by Spectrum Holobyte, so users of FALCON
      may find it easier to adjust to TORNADO.
      To do this, I had to find a new location for the rudder controls 
      ([INS] and [DEL]). I think that these functions should remain
      on the num. keypad, while I think that the roll left/right keys are
      less important, because I guess that almost everyone using TORNADO
      has at least one joystick, so roll left/right keys are rarely used.

If you are using TTC 1.0, please note that unlike the original ejection
command CTRL+E, the double SHIFT command will NOT turn off time
compression (it should be turned off outside of the flight part of TORNADO).  
Press ALT or CTRL after ejecting in time compression mode.

=========================NVG INTERFACE======================================
The version 2.0 of TKM is compatible with the NVG patch that comes with 
TMF version 1.03. To enable the following NVG switching hotkeys, you have to
execute TKM*.COM with the '/n' command line option. e.g

TKM /n




Then you can adjust the NVG features using the following hotkey sequences:

  Toggle NVG on/off: NUM-LOCK , 9 (on the MAIN keyboard), HOME
  Increase panel brightness: NUM-LOCK, F11, HOME
  Decrease panel brightness: NUM-LOCK, SHIFT-F11, HOME
  Increase view brightness: NUM-LOCK, F12, HOME
  Decrease view brightness: NUM-LOCK, SHIFT-F12, HOME

  Toggle NVG on/off: `/~ key [see *) above] , 9 (on the MAIN keyboard), HOME
  Increase panel brightness: `/~ , L, HOME
  Decrease panel brightness: `/~ , SHIFT-L, HOME
  Increase view brightness: `/~  , K, HOME
  Decrease view brightness: `/~  , SHIFT-K, HOME

  (remember that the F11 and F12 keys are assigned to the weapons packages
   management functions when you use TKM_DS and TKM_DSWT).

You are allowed to use tkm*.com free of charge for 30 days. If you
want to use it after this trial period, and you haven't already registered a
previous version of TKM, YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT!

No, don't send any money to the author (well, if you absolutely insist ;-)
), instead make a donation to an organization (Red Cross, UNICEF, UNHCR,
Doctors without Borders (Mediciens sans Frontiers) ...) that helps countries
that are devastated by war like Bosnia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Angola, .... .

Your donation should be

Have fun,

Heinz-Bernd Eggenstein
Repkestr. 26
59368 Werne
Fed. Rep. of Germany


Disclaimer:Although I currently know of no negative
	   effects that running TKM could have, I
	   take no responsibilty for any damage
	   that TKM might do to your hardware or
	   data stored in your system.

System requirement:
	   To be able to use TKM, you need a 386 or 'higher'
	   CPU, and approx. 1 KB of free conventional
	   memory in addition to the memory requirements
	   of TORNADO.
	   You also need an AT-style keyboard (F11 and F12 keys
	   present) to use TKM_DS and TKM_DSWT.
	   Oh, and you need a copy of 'TORNADO' :-)

From the same author:

TORNADO tools:

Tornado Logbook Editor:  Decode the encrypted logbook files! Use it to
			 -resurrect pilots killed by mistake
			 -free pilots from POW camps :)
			 -rename the infamous GrpCpt deFault
			 -correct the rank of your pilot, if TORNADO
			  refuses to give you a promotion because of a
			  promotion bug in some versions of TORNADO
			 -clone pilots to make backups

Tornado SHOWPT2:         -View TORNADO's 256 color digitized pictures of
			  aircrafts and ground vehicles from the DOS prompt.
			 -Convert them to BMP bitmap files! True Tornadoholics
			  use them as "wallpaper" for MS-Windows.

Tornado Map Fax Machine: (TMF) Print snapshots of the Mission Planners Screen
			 as kneepad masp without leaving TORNADO.
			 Works with most 24-needle, ink jet and laser

Gen. Chuck Yeager's Air Combat:

CYAC_2J:                Use a second joystick or a joystick with a throttle
			wheel to control the thrust, instead of the keyboard.
			It also has an optinal programmable fire-button- and 
			view-selection-feature. Works with versions 1.0 and 
			1.1 of CYAC.


TORNADO add-ons by OTHER authors:

TCC by Kenneth Larsen    "Tornado Time Compression" will give you the 
			 option of speeding up events in the simulation 
			 to "fast-forward" the simulation to the most 
			 interesting part of a mission. 
 -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - 
 TCSC by Basil Copeland,
	 Eric Joiner &  
	 Heinz-Bernd Eggenstein

			 "Tornado Command and Staff College" is a tutorial
			 written as a Windows 3.x helpfile. It focuses
			 on Command Campaigns. If you have difficulties 
			 surviving and winning Command Campaigns, this is the
			 definitive tutorial.

			 (SHAREWARE, 10US$)

Soon to appear, BUT ONLY for registered TCSC users:

TMORALEP by Heinz-Bernd Eggenstein:
			 "Tornado Morale and Hard Gameplay Patch". This is an
			 unofficial patch of Tornado to correct a slight bug
			 having to do with the way Tornado evaluates the 
			 success of your campaign missions.
			 Optional: a patch to make winning a campaihn more 

TMX by Heinz-Bernd Eggenstein:
			 "Tornado Mission Exchange Tool". Fly missions 
			 designed by others and design missions for others
			 to fly. Can be used for competitions. Missions will be
			 downloadable from FSFORUM or FTP, e.g.:
			 -Take out training camps of IRA terrorists in the Far 
			 -Prevent the shipment of stolen super-secret NATO 
			  hardware to a foreign power.
			 -Find a route for the evacuation of an orphanage as 
			  part of a peace-keeping mission

"Liberation Campaigns":  Additional Command Campaigns for all 4 Warzones which                           
			 should be much harder to win than the campaigns that
			 come with Tornado. A real challenge.