(for Tornado vers. 1.0 - 1.0e)

	    Vers. 1.0
	    (c) 1995 Heinz-Bernd Eggenstein, 
		     Basil Copeland, 
		     Eric Joiner 
		     (TCSC Associates)

	    (this is an unofficial patch, NOT a patch by DI!!!)

	    for registered TCSC users only

	    This patch requires TPATCHER V 1.0 or higher

	    M A N U A L
	    Read carefully before installing!


License terms
This software is NOT Shareware, Freeware or Public Domain software. Only 
registered users of Tornado Staff and Command College (TCSC) are allowed to
use it. This patch may not be copied or uploaded to a BBS/online service 
without the consent of its authors. 

0) What is T_BDA_P ??
T_BDA_P consists of three parts:

a) a patching script that will modify your AMP.EXE file that is part of 
   the Tornado distribution package and is stored in the AMP subdirectory of 
   the main TORNADO directory. 


b) a memory resident program (TSG_135.EXE). If you are already using the  
   NVG and SNOW patch that is part of the TMF program, this new TSR replaces 
   the older version of TSG*.EXE that is delivered with those packages.
   As new tools are released, new version of TSG will replace the version
   you have now. Always use the most recent one.

c) A tool (BDA.EXE) that allows you to get a listing of all targets hit 
   (with the exceptions of airfields) during the last mission flown in a 
   level 1, level 2 or command campaign, after exiting from TORNADO.

1) Why use T_BDA_P?
T_BDA_P was written for those who want to maintain statistics of the 
effectiveness campaign missions, e.g. while doing a group campaign via 

Alternatively, you can copy the debriefing screen (either by pencil and
paper or with a screen-grabbing program. Infact, the TSG_???.EXE program
is a screen-grabbing program for 16 color screenshots of mission planner
and debriefing screens.

However, this has two major drawbacks:

a) Copying the screen with pencil and paper is tedious, while screenshots 
   are much bigger than ASCII listings of the screens so that sending 
   screenshots via e-mail is more expensive/takes more time.

b) The debriefing screen has only a limited number of lines or 'slots' for 
   hit targets. If you and your wingmen happen to hit a lot of targets of
   different types, some target reports will not be listed because they 
   don't fit on the screen. BDA will list ALL targets, with the only exception
   of airfields. 

BDA also has some additional features:

a) it will estimate the cost of the IDS and ADV missions. This is based on
   guesstimates of ordnance costs saved in the file cost.ord
b) it will provide a SCORE for the mission as a whole and for the human pilot's 

2) How does it work?
T_BDA_P will modify AMP.EXE so that when you press the OK button on the 
debriefing screen after a campaign mission, files BDA*.* will be written 
to the Tornado main directory. When you exit Tornado later, make the TORNADO
main directory your working directory and start BDA.EXE


You will then get a listing of enemy and allied targets hit (both mobile and
fixed targets). Note that the list will include targets hit hy yourself and 
targets hit by drones. The number of targets that you destroyed yourself will
be given in parenthesis. 

Example output :
(c) 1995 TCSC Associates

Ordnance Summary:

Total cost : 61664000 $ for 8 sorties

Total Enemy Targets Destroyed:
  5   (1) Bunker
  1   (1) Cooling Tower
  1   (1) EWR
  2       Mil. Building
  1       Rail Bridge
  2       TV Mast
  1   (1) Large Ind. Unit
  6       Camouflaged Tent

  1       Il-76
  1       Su-25
  1   (1) MAZ 543 TEL
  2   (2) ZSU-23
  1   (1) Strela 10
  1       MiG-27

Preliminary Mission Score: 75 = 9.38 per sortie

Score for Flight Leader  : 22 (=29.33%)

Total Allied Losses
  2       Bunker
  1       Control Tower
  1       POL tank Farm
  2       Comm. Center
  2       Road Bridge
  9       Rail Bridge
  1       Munition Store

  1       A-10
  1       Tornado IDS

Value of Allied Losses: 66

Net Score:   9

If the list is so long that it will scroll the screen, 
you can use the pipe '|' syntax

 BDA | more 

to read it one page at a time. 

You can also redirect it to a file,

BDA > my_rep.txt

or append it to an existing file:

BDA >> email.txt

or send it to a printer, e.g.:


2b) How does it really work, I mean technically??
To generate the files BDA*.*, quite a few bytes of code are needed, 
and I could not figure out how to put all the instructions needed for 
this task into AMP.EXE, which is generated by an optimizing compiler and
it is quite hard to find any space left you can use for additional 
instructions. But I found a few bytes in a convenient section of the 
program that was left over from debugging code in AMP.EXE. This code 
is overwritten by T_BDA_P.EXE with some bytes that causes the AMP.EXE to
branch into the memory resident program TSG_???.EXE. 


Again: After applying the patch, you will only be able to use TORNADO if 
you have a version of TSG*.EXE loaded in memory! If you don't like this, 
DON'T install this patch.

IF you apply the patch and then start TORNADO without having loaded TSG
before, strange things may happen. Most likely, the computer will behave 
as if you had pressed the Prt-Scr key: if your PRN: printer is off-line,
the computer will beep. If your printer is on-line, garbage will be sent
to your printer. No BDA*.* files will be written!

3) OK, I still want to install this thing!
Well, I have warned you, but here you go: :)

a) MAKE A BACKUP-COPY of the AMP\AMP.EXE file, if you haven't already done 
   that prior to installing another patch (e.g. the TCSC morale patch). 
   Without this back-up YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REVERSE THE PATCH!!!! 

b) copy all files in the distribution archive to the Tornado main directory.

c) execute the program T_BDA_P.BAT

d) follow the on-screen instructions

If the patch fails, you probably have already applied the patch earlier or 
you have a version of Tornado not known to the author of the patching program

4) Using the BDA utility
Remember you first have to load the TSG_???.EXE program before starting 
TORNADO after applying the patch. 

After finishing you mission in a level 1/2 or command campaign and pressing
the OK button, the BDA*.* files will be generated automatically by the code
inserted in the patching process. Exit Tornado (you will want to save your 
campaign before!). Back on the DOS prompt, make sure you are in the main
TORNADO directory. Then execute BDA, see the hints in part 2 on how to best
make use of the output of BDA.

5) How can I restore the original, unpatched AMP.EXE file?
Copy your backup copy of AMP\AMP.EXE (see part 3a) over the patched file.
You should always restore the original AMP.EXE file before applying an 
official, DI patch.

In no event shall the author be liable for any direct, indirect, special,
incidental, emotional or consequential damages with respect to this software 
and manual. The author makes no warranties, either express or implied, with 
respect to this software and the manual, and expressly disclaims all implied 
warranties, including without limitation, the warranty of merchantability, 
political correctness and of fitness for a particular purpose.

I strongly recommend to make a backup of the file AMP\AMP.exe before
installing this patch.

================================  F   Y   I  ================================
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 -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - 
TCSC by Basil Copeland,
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			 "Tornado Command and Staff College" is a tutorial
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ONLY for registered TCSC users:

TMORALEP by Heinz-Bernd Eggenstein:
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			 Optional: a patch to make winning a campaign more 

TMX by Heinz-Bernd Eggenstein:
			 "Tornado Mission Exchange Tool". Fly missions 
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			 Missions will be downloadable from FSFORUM or FTP

"Liberation Campaign":   Additional Command Campaign for Warzone 2                            
			 should be much harder to win than the campaigns that
			 come with Tornado. A real challenge.    
T_PROZAC:                A tool to artificially prolong a campaign. You can 
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