Tornado Digipics Viewer and
PT2->BMP converter
V 1.1
September 1994

The digitized 256 color pictures of TORNADO (versions 1.0 thru 1.0e) are 
stored in files with the pt2 extension in the digipics subdirectory. DI used a
simple, but quite effective compression algorithm to compress these images.

The SHOWPT2 program can be used to view these images from DOS or WINDOWS 
without using TORNADO. It can also be used to generate a BITMAP (*.BMP) 
representation of these pictures.

Usually SHOWPT2 will produce 320x200 pixel images which are exact copies of 
TORNADO's digitized picrtures. But SHOWPT2 can also produce 230x240 pixel BMP 
images (aspect ratio of 4:3), which avoids distortions when you use them as 
"wallpaper" with video modes like 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768.
Another option is "border clipping". Some digitized pictures don't cover the 
whole screen and are bordered by black bars. The "border clipping" option
will remove those black bars.

To install showpt2.exe, copy it to a directory on your harddisk and add this 
directory to the PATH environment variable (or copy showpt2 to your DOS 

To execute showpt2, use the following calling syntax

To view a pt2 file:

To convert to a bmp file:

To convert to a bitmap with a 4:3 aspect ratio:

showpt2   /ar

To enable "border clipping", use the following syntax:

showpt2   /bc

You can also combine the two options:

showpt2   /ar /bc


showpt2 c:\games\tornado\digipics\patriot.pt2

showpt2 c:\games\tornado\digipics\mig29.pt2 c:\win31\wallp.bmp /ar /bc

Included in this package is a batch file (conv_all.bat) that will allow you 
to convert all *.pt2 files automatically. It will create a the directory 
"C:\TMP_PT2" and save all converted BMP pictures to this directory. Make sure
there's enough free diskspace on your "C" drive before running CONV_ALL.BAT
(about 2-3 MB).

The batch file must be run in your TORNADO directory.

You can start CONV_ALL with optional /AR and/or /BC command line options,

..\conv_all /AR /BC  
[aspect ratio correction and border clipping]



[no ar correction, no border clipping].

Please note that the digitized pictures in TORNADO are protected under
DI's copyright. This means that you should NOT distribute BMP-files 
generated with SHOWPT2. You should use them exclusively for your private

You are allowed to use showpt2 free of charge for 30 days. If you
want to use it after this trial period, YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT!

No, don't send any money to the author (well, if you absolutely insist ;-)
), instead make a donation to an organization (CARE, Red Cross, ...)
that helps countries that are devastated by war like Bosnia, Somalia,
Afghanistan, Angola, .... .

Your donation should be

If you have already registered an earlier version of showpt2, the update
is free.

Have fun,

Heinz-Bernd Eggenstein
Repkestr. 26
D-59368 Werne
Fed. Rep. of Germany

CIS:  100430,1446
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