TORNADO ODS Enhancement Patch

	    (for Tornado vers. 1.0d & 1.0e)

	    Vers. 1.0
	    (c) 1995 Heinz-Bernd Eggenstein, 
		     Basil Copeland, 
		     Eric Joiner 
		     (TCSC Associates)

	    (this is an unofficial patch, NOT a 
	     product by Digital Integration!!!)

	    for registered TCSC users only

	    M A N U A L
	    Read carefully before installing!

	    THIS PATCH REQUIRES TPATCHER.EXE (Version 1.0 or higher)


License terms
This software is NOT Shareware, Freeware or Public Domain software. Only 
registered users of Tornado Staff and Command College (TCSC) are allowed to
use it. This patch may not be copied or uploaded to a BBS/online service 
without the consent of its authors. 

1) Do I need this patch?

Some Tornado pilots have complained about the lack of "Iraqi" resistance 
in ODS campaigns, especially the lack of enemy airstrikes. While this is 
realistic with respect to what happened in the Gulf War of 1991, most TORNADO
users would like a somewhat more challenging scenario. 

ODS_ENH is a patch that makes ODS campaigns a bit more challenging and 
consistent, by fixing some bugs and beefing up the Iraqi Air Force a bit.

Even after applying the patch, the ODS campaigns will be easier to win than 
the European campaigns. Try to win with only 4 IDS Tornados and 2 ADVs per 
mission if you want a greater challenge.

Because the patch requires several ODS-specific changes to the Mission 
Planner, it will create a second copy of the Mission Planner program
AMP.EXE, named AMPODS.EXE. The intention is that the original AMP.EXE 
file should be used for the European Warzones, while the new file AMPODS.EXE
is used for ODS **only**.

2) How to install this patch
Please read this very carefully. The installtion process is not as easy as
with some other patches.

a) Unpack the distribution archive into the main Tornado directory on your 
   hard disk, usually c:\TORNADO. You have to install TDO on your harddisk to
   use this patch, because for obvious reasons, files on a CD-ROM can not be 
   patched. If you got ODS_ENH with the GULF96 add-on campaign, the files
   are probably already in the proper directory.

b) Make sure you have enough disk space left! This patch will consume about 
   800KB of diskspace, but Tornado also needs about 1.0 -1.1 MB of free 
   diskspace to run, so you must have (say) 2MB free diskspace. Otherwise, 
   don't use this patch!!

c) Run the file ODS_ENH.BAT. This batch-file will first copy the file amp\amp.exe 
   to the file amp\ampods.exe and then apply several patches to the new file 

d) The batch file will call TPATCHER.EXE several times to perform some patches
   Whenever you are asked whether you've read the manual, answer "Y" is you have
   read this manual (obviously you did :) ). When a menu appears asking you 
   what kind of patch you would like to apply, **always** enter "A" (the first

e) With this patch, there comes a batch file TDO_ODS.BAT. Whenevber you want to 
   uses the Operation Desert Storm part of TORNADO, run this batch file instead 

   Use an editor to customize TDO_ODS.BAT, e.g. to insert lines that load TSRs
   like Kenneth Larsons Time Compression programm TTC or the TSG.EXE program 
   used with several other patches and add-ons.

   You now have essentially two copies of TORNADO installed. One for flying in 
   the European Warones, and one for operations in the Desert Storm Scenario.

   Use TORNADO.BAT **ONLY** for European campaigns and missions

   Use TDO_ODS.BAT **ONLY** for ODS campaigns and missions

f) Have fun.     

3) How to ininstall the patch

This patch does not alter the Mission Planner amp.exe itself, only the newly
created copy ampods.exe. To reverse the effect of the patch, just delete the



In no event shall the author be liable for any direct, indirect, special,
incidental, emotional or consequential damages with respect to this software 
and manual. The author makes no warranties, either express or implied, with 
respect to this software and the manual, and expressly disclaims all implied 
warranties, including without limitation, the warranty of merchantability, 
political correctness and of fitness for a particular purpose.