Action 16 SB patch  0.03



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FORCE_SB.EXE is a simple tool to force Soundblaster sound effects for
the in-flight simulation part of the "Action 16" budget version of 
Tornado. In this version, 


0) Run Tornado and select "SOUNDBLASTER" as your sound card in the 
Preferences Screen.

1) You must have TORNADO installed on a HARD DISK first.
For the patch to worjk, you have to rename and add certain files 
which for obvious reasons can not be done on a CD-ROM. To install
from CD-ROM to hard disk, you can use the XCOPY command
of MS-DOS (consult your MS-DOS manual if necessary)

2) make a complete back-up of all files in the FLIGHT subdirectory of the 
TORNADO directory, e.g. put a blank diskette in drive A: and execute

copy c:\tornado\flight\*.* a:

(the file path to the flight subdirectory may vary on your system)

3)  rename two files:

flight\flight.exe ->  flight__.exe
flight\desert.exe ->  desert__.exe

copy FORCE_SB.EXE twice: to flight\flight.exe and flight\desert.exe

4) If (and only if) you had version 1.05 or earlier of TMF (Tornado Map
Fax-machine) installed before installing this patch, you'll have to do
the following:

copy fl.exe flight\flight__.exe
copy fl.exe flight\desert__.exe

Now run Tornado.                      

Technical stuff: 
What will FORCE_SB.EXE do?  
Whenever Tornado enters the 'flight phase' of the simulation, 
the program amp.exe (which is started by the TORNADO.BAT batch file)
will write the necessary data for the flight-simulation to the
DATAXCHG directory. Then amp.exe creates a temporary 'swap' file 
containing the program's data and code, and then load either flight.exe
or desert.exe as overlays. The loaded program will read the files
written to the DATAXCHG directory and start the in-flight-simulation.

The install procedure results in FORCE_SB.EXE being called instead of 
flight.exe or desert.exe. FORCE_SB.EXE will now set the byte with offset
6 in the file DATAXCHG\GAMEPLAY.IN to the value 4 (2: Speaker, 4: SB, 
6 : AdLib). Then flight.exe/desert.exe is started as an overlay. If
the SB-driver code in flight.exe/desert.exe is still intact, this will
force SB-effects.

To uninstall:

Restore the file names to the state before you installed FORCE_SB:
1) delete flight.exe and desert.exe
2) rename flight__.exe to flight.exe
3) rename desert__.exe to desert.exe

If this fails, you can still use the back-up you made (see step 2 ) to restore
the contents of the flight subdirectory! 

Good luck,
Heinz-Bernd Eggenstein,
internet   :