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1993 to 2018 - Tornado, you've come a long way baby!
« on: January 06, 2018, 11:31:12 AM »
A happy new year to all! It is now 2018, the 25th Anniversary of Digital Integration's Tornado.
Notwithstanding the amazing and incomparable DCS series, and not forgetting the IL2 Sturmovik series, Cliffs Of Dover, FSX, X-Plane11, X-Trident's Tornado module, Falcon BMS 4.33 and many other modern flight simulators, Tornado is and will forever be a classic 10 Megabyte powderkeg of a simulation. Made possible by DOSBox and the availability of Tornado's 3D simulation engine source code. A lot has happened since my first 'hello world' type compilation and linking of the source code to create a modded FLIGHT.EXE file, back in August 2017. Below is the current list of modifications that Aki and I have done. Take a deep breathe and see for yourself:

No.   Author  Date                 Title
#30. Frankie   2nd Jan 2018 - Pilot's and Navigator's cockpit panels shake effect (once in a while and very subtle)
#29. Frankie   1st Jan  2018 - A SAM hit against the player's Tornado no longer results in instant death
#28. Frankie 30th Dec 2017 - Added the SAM proximity warning sound effect - a life-saver in many situations where swarms of SAM exist!
#27. Frankie 29th Dec 2017 - Tornado cockpit shakes when the plane is damaged or in distress. Enhanced gameplay IMHO.
#26. Frankie 26th Dec 2017 - Added a Community names screen - The Boxing Day 2017 Version of Tornado.
#25. Frankie 23rd Dec 2017 - Added a Credits screen - The Christmas 2017 Version of Tornado.
#24. Frankie 20th Dec 2017 - Gamer can now choose between the original FLIR/TIALD TV-Tab displays or the full-screen FLIR/TIALD displays
#23. Frankie 12th Dec 2017 - NVG (Night Vision Goggles) toggle
#22. Frankie 11th Dec 2017 - HUD information is now accurately shown in full-screen FLIR display view!
#21. Frankie   5th Dec 2017 - Radar-Warning-Receiver added to fullscreen views
#20. Frankie   5th Dec 2017 - Minor Hack - Repositioning of Air Radar
#19  Frankie 30th Nov 2017 - FLIR view is ALSO now in full-screen
#18. Frankie 25th Nov 2017 - Laser Guided Bomb view is now in full-screen
#17. Frankie 13th Nov 2017 - Shilka AAA burst time duration is now randomised to 3..8 seconds
#16. Frankie  7th Nov 2017 - A better Lookup view. Shows ground detail instead of high sky.
#15. Frankie 26th Oct 2017 - Functional Pause/Unpause key
#14. Frankie 22nd Oct 2017- Flyby view
#13. Frankie 21st Oct 2017 - Wump-Crump-Shake the Tornado
#12. Frankie 19th Oct 2017 - Night Vision Goggle effect
#11. Frankie 17th Oct 2017 - Checksix view
#11. Frankie 14th Oct 2017 - Rotate the Spectator View to catch the action (correction - this feature is already in the stock game!)
#10. Frankie 14th Oct 2017 - Rotate the craters after hitting (or missing) the target - with a custom height
#09. Frankie 14th Oct 2017 - Flip the flipping sky and let's give the ground more coverage
#08. Frankie 13th Oct 2017 - Set your own terrain following heights
#07. Frankie 10th Oct 2017 - Changed the default initial viewing position of wingmen (drone) aircraft
#06. Frankie 10th Oct 2017 - Tracking View made more realistic and immersive with responsive horizon
#05. Frankie 26th Sep 2017 - Weapons View is now sound-enabled
#04. Frankie 19th Sep 2017 - Changing the default Tracking mode initial position of the Tornado
#03. AH       14th Aug 2017 - Whole lotta shakin' going on
#02. AH         3rd Aug 2017 - Gear up with shudder; Good Landing tire/rumble sound on good landings
#01. AH         3rd Aug 2017 - Tornado Hello World!

For more details, move your mousey pointer or tap here:,5046.0.html

Here's to the 16-bit assembly language ASM source code of Tornado and the extraordinary and amazing programming skills of Kevin Bezant and the other Tornado development team members. Have yourself a great 2018!

Frankie Kam
6th January 2018, 11:52am