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This just in. An aid to After-Action-Reviews in Tornado!

TacView is a Universal Flight Data Analysis tool which enables you to easily record, analyze and understand any flight to improve your skills much faster than with conventional debriefings. Read more here. Here is a reason why you should use TacView.

TacView's author, Vrytuous, that it is "possible to insert some code to export telemetry data. For example, the main loop is in control.asm and AI aircraft are updated in aircraft.asm. The source code is clean and well documented. The challenge would be to find a clean way to convert Tornado flat x/y coordinates in latitude/longitude. You could then create a generic routine to output telemetry in Tacview native file format which could be called from many point of Tornado code".

I am therefore looking for "a passionate guy like us, experienced in assembly code, ready to extent Tornado features". Vrytuous will gladly provide his support so he/her can output Tacview acmi files in a fast an easy way. Vrytuos has documented the data format here:
He claims that is very possible to output the Tornado telemetry data, even for custom code written in x86 assembly code.

Any takers?

Frankie Kam
Friday 1st July 2016