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Hiya Whoever is reading this

I spoke to the guy from Evil-Soft games development company. He writes a mean C and Assembly Language code. Has been for many years and he owns a copy of Tornado. He held up the manual to show me at the beginning of the Google Hangouts session.

After 90 minutes here is the summary of what transpired.

He advised me to NOT develop the Tornado in assembly language, but in C. C is more high level and more portable and it would solve a ton of things. He could port the game over to C but it would be a major undertaking. Something like 15 hours a week (two days a week max) for one to one and a half years. To continue any development or enhancement to Tornado, even though we have the 16-bit x86 source code, he likened it to trying to add plumbing to a building which is made out of individual atoms. At least if the code was in C language, then that building would be made out of pre-fabricated modules or blocks, facilitating any future additions or enhancements.

Even adding more trees would be a "tyranny of the means and the impotence of the ends". Because you might end up with just a three or at the most five more trees, but the much time and effort would be consume, thus not justifying the means. I told him about Kickstarter as funding which he said was the way to go.

He advised me to try to get the remaining source code (Front-end C code) as that would help a lot.

He also said that unless Interplay gave written permission and consent for a Kickstarter to find the game, Interplay could pull the plug on any crowdsourcing effort. So I need to ask Interplay for the work-for-hire and non-disclosure agreements. Once Interplay replies and once I have the front end C source code, then things will be clearer. The. I can have a future Hangout with Evil-Soft to discuss further.

We did discuss in advance details of the Kickstarter if it ever comes true: charge USDX per person for the Kickstarter amount paid per person, target raise an amount of USDX0,000 which means X,000 persons who are crazy about a serious study flight sim. And that's just to port the whole game over to C, plus throw in one or two enhancement goodies.

So I will be contacting interplay (for the next step in the game legalities) and try my darnest to source for the C front end code.  Wish me all the best!

Frankie Kam

Without the front end C source code and without further input from Interplay, any attempt to enhance the game may be dead in the water. Thankfully, the original Tornado and ODS missions still offer lots of enjoyment. Anyway, here's hoping for the best. Something may still work out. Like, Kevin Bezant (or one of the ex-developers) may opt for early retirement (maybe he's amassed a big retirement nest egg by now) and suddenly wakes up and says to himself "I gotta make Tornado better". Then he hits the coding workshop. You never know. Or Herve Caen does a complete turn around like Ebenezer Scrooge, and allow to kickstart the KickStarter project without any strings attached. Keep dreamin' ...